The Earth is a huge ball covered with water,rocks and soil,and surrounded by air. It is one of the eight plantes that revolve around the Sun.

Our Earth is a very small part of the Universe.But it is very important because it has life on it.So far scientist have not been able to discover any evidence of life on any of the other planets.There is life on Earth because it has water,an atmosphere(Air) we can breath and it is at a right distance from the sun. if it had been too close,it would have been very hot and if it had been too far then it would have been extremely cold.   It is home to human beings and all the living things.Animals and plants live almost everywhere on the Earths surface.

The shape of the Earth : The earth is not exactly like a ball.It is flattened at the poles.It looks more like an Orange.

Two-third of the Earths surface is covered with water and the rest one-third is land.The Earth is called the Blue Planet,because a large part of it is covered with water,which gives it a blue appearence.

The Earth is surrounded by air.This is called the Earths atmosphere..Air is a mixture of gases,Containing nitrogen.oxygen,carbon dioxide and a few other gases.It has the right amount of oxygen to support life and it also protects us from the harmful sun rays.Without air there would not be any is the waves in the air that helps us to hear.

Over thousands of years ,The Earths atmosphere remained the same.All living things lived happily.people took fresh air and pure water from the rivers and the lakes .But no more..In last 30 nto 40 years its been changed rapidly because of increase in population.forests being cut to provide more land to agriculture,houses and factories.smoke from the factories and exhaust fumes from the vehicles is polluting the air rapidly.water is also getting polluted.oil leakages from the tankers and cargo ships harm the creatures that live in these waters.

We must stop harming the Earth.The Earth is our home.We must make it safe and beautiful place.

Points to Remember

  • Earth is the only planet in our solar system ehich supports life
  • The Earth is round.It looks more like an orange.
  • Two-third of the Earth is covered with water and the rest one-third is land.
  • The Earth appears blue from outer space.
  • The factors that make it possible for living things to survive on Earth are water,air and The Earths distance from the sun.

Movement of the Earth: The Earth is not standing still,it is moving.

  • Rotation:The Earth Rotates or spins on its axis.this movement is called the rotation of the Earth.
  • The Earth takes twenty-four hours to complete one rotation.
  • The Earths rotation on its axis, causes day and night.
  • The Earth rotates on its axis from west to east.
That part of the Earth which faces the Sun,recieves is day time there.The side of the Earth is away from the sun,Does not recive any sunlight so it is dark on that part of the Earth so its night time there.
  • Revolution:The Earth also moves or revolves around the Sun.It takes the earth around 365 1/4 days to complete one revolution.This is why we have one extra day every 4 years,which is called a leap year. Revolution of the Earth causes seasons.

*revolution chart:

Points to Remember:

  • Sun is the closest star to Earth.
  • The movement of the Earth Are of Two types.
  • a) Rotation: It takes 24 hours.this movement causes day and night
    b)Revolution:It takes 365 1/4 days.this movement causes seasons.

    We live on Earth .It has plains,hills,mountains,desserts,ponds,waterfalls lakes and seas.

    Plains-A plain is a vast piece of flat land.Most cities and villages are on plains.It is neasy to grow crops on is also easy to build houses on plains.

    Hills and Mountains -At some places,the pland rises to form hills.when the land rises very high,it forms a mountain.It is very cold and windy on mountains.mount Everest in the himalayas ,is the highest mountain peak in the is situated in hillary and tenzing norgay were the first to climb mount everest in 1953.

    Deserts-A desert gets very little is covered with sand.strong winds blow in a becomes very hot during the day and cold during the night.Animals such as camels and plants such as cactus,that need little water,live in a desert.

    Ponds and lakes-A small piece of land filled with water is called a pond.A lake is a large area of land filled with water.the water in a pond or a lake does not flow away.

    Rivers-Rainwater that flows on land forms streams.Many streams join to form a river.when water from a river falls from a height,a waterfall is formed.Most rivers flow towards a sea.Many living in rivers,ponds and lakes.

    Sea-A very large part of the Earth is covered with seas.different types of animals and plants live in the sea.we can not drink sea is very salty.

    The Earth -Our home

    The Earth is our home.It is the home of all living things.Many kinds of plants and animals live on the Earth.They need clean air and water to live.We too need clean air,water and land to live.We also need land to build our homes and grow crops.We must keep air,water and land clean.

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