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Addition is finding the total, or sum, by combining two or more numbers. The word "plus" and sing "+" also means adding the numbers.

Throughout the school years the addition strategies your child uses will become more efficient. Younger children will count on their fingers or use concrete materials (counters, blocks etc) for their understanding.As your child’s memory and visualisation skills develop they will rely less on the use of concrete materials.

there are number of ways to teach your child a concept of addition.Children need activities which are fun and motivating,if not they feel pressurised and often loose the interest to learn new things.so give them new challanges everyday .intially teach them with the "numberline" & "flashcards" once you feel that your child has develop that skills introduce block method of addtion with one digit number then further on..

Here you will find wide range of free Addition worksheets which will help your kids to learn Addition concept

prior to learning Addition facts your child needs to know counting object upto 10.

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